We offer tutorials in all subjects for all grade levels, preschool to college. Available packages are regular monthly and walk-in.


Our review programs are designed for students to be prepared not just for the examinations but also for their life as students.


We believe that preparation is a vital part for a student to meet school requirements. This is why we offer enrichment programs during school vacations. This program enables students to take advance lessons which will prepare them for the coming school year.

Since 1993

LSC Through the Years

In the early 1980’s, a group of faculty members from the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University got together to provide tutorial services in their spare time to children of faculty and staff of the two universities. As more and more students from these and other schools availed of their services, some of these educators opted to undertake tutoring full-time. One of them established, in 1986, a tutorial and review facility at a strategic location on Katipunan Avenue. This became known as the Solomon’s Ark Computer & Tutorial Services Center. After 5 years, its name was changed to the Loyola Student Center. From a handful of students that year, LSC’s clientele has increased considerably. Over the past 32 years, LSC has helped over 32,000 students perform better in school. Today LSC takes leadership in providing high-quality and affordable tutorial and review services to students not only in Metro Manila but also from the provinces.


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