Online College Entrance Test Reviewer in Science

Online College Entrance Test Reviewer in Science

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College Entrance Test Reviewer in Science

Your scientific ability will also be tested in any college entrance test. Almost all items that came out in entrance exams are discussed in high school. Try to recall the topics and list down areas you need to work on.

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Which of the following has the greatest energy?

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In what medium do sound waves travel fastest?

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A bouncing ball finally comes to rest. Which of the following describes its energy transformation?

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The brakes are slammed on a speeding truck and it skids to a stop. If the truck was heavily loaded so it had twice the total mass, what would be the skidding distance?

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A Ferrari weighs 20,000 N on Earth. A moon buggy weighs 20,000 N on the moon. Which has more mass?

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Both sides of a nuclear equation have equal __________.

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Iron will rust if it is kept __________.

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A colored element X reacted with sodium to form a compound with the formula NaX. Which of the following elements could element X be?

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What makes water expand as it freezes?

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Which of the following orbitals has a dumbbell-shaped region?

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The major protein connective tissues and through fibers that serve to bind tissue together is called __________.

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How do roots absorb water?

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If a portion of DNA has an ATCGGA arrangement, what would be the sequence of its complementary strand after replication?

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If a cell with an internal environment of 8.5% NACl is placed in a 3% NACl solution, what will happen to it?

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A cell undergoing mitosis is said to be of animal origin if it has __________.

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Why is the mitochondrion called the “powerhouse” of the cell?

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The following are true according to the cell theory EXCEPT __________.

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Which organelle is present in large numbers in a cell that secretes hormones?

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Compartmentalization in structure and function develops when some cells are able to live in other cells, eventually becoming a single cell. This process of cells living in other cells is called __________.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that mice were produced from the Nile River since mice were always seen after the river floods. This is an example of the __________.

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Which of the following is NOT a mineral?

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A person travelling west crosses the International Date line of Monday. What will be the next day?

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Which of the following rocks formed from previously existing rocks?

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What is the composition of the lithosphere?

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The occurrence of numerous volcanoes in the Philippines can be attributed to our location along the _________.

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Among humans, the conclusive evidence of sex is the __________.

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A radiation particle consisting of 2 protons and 2 neutrons is called a/an __________.

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Sound and light travel as waves. In a vacuum, __________.

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A given substance is an acid if its solution in water __________.

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A key hangs by a string on the roof of an elevator. What happens to the tension on the string when the elevator goes up?

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Which of the following has only one type of element?

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Viruses are NOT considered as living things because viruses __________.

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Viruses are NOT considered as living things because viruses __________.

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A catalyst may be defined as a substance that __________.

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A neutral atom, after losing an electron, is changed __________.

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When a scuba diver goes deeper into the sea, he experiences ___________.

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Given a gas of fixed mass, if the temperature is doubled and the pressure is halved, then the volume is __________.

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When you look into a swimming pool, the bottom appears nearer because of __________.

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The process of spreading out spontaneously to occupy space uniformly is known as __________.

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The weight of an object floating in water is __________.

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